Affordable Housing FAQs

Q. How are households selected?
A. Applications are reviewed and assessed on an individual basis. All applications are “Needs Rated”, thereby ensuring those in greatest need are offered housing first.

Q:What is the maximium annual income to qualify for the program?
Affordable and Near Market Housing

Community3 Bedroom Accommodation
Only Available Option
Black Diamond$42,000
High River$59,500
Tunrner Valley$42,000

Q. When will I receive an offer of housing?
A. An offer of housing will be made when there is a vacancy in a unit of size, design and location suitable to your household.

Q. How many offers do I get?
A. You will only receive one offer of housing. Should you refuse the offer, your application will be removed from the Wait List, as it is deemed that your household is not in need of housing at this time. Should you require family housing in the future you will be required to re-apply.

Q. Am I able to select specific housing units?
A. No, you will receive an offer of a unit that is suitable to your household.

Q. Can I specify a specific area/community?
A. Yes, you will be able to specify a specific area and/or community, but it must be kept in mind that Westwinds Communities does not necessarily have community housing in all communities.

Q. Will I be able to transfer between housing units?
A. No, only in the event that you are under housed in your current unit or you are requesting a transfer to another community will a transfer be considered. Only tenants in good standing will be considered for transfer.

Q. How often should I contact Westwinds Communities about my application?
A. It is incumbent on you to keep Westwinds Communities informed of any changes in household information such as composition, income, sources of income, contact information, etc.