Westwinds Communities is committed to innovating our residents and family experience. We have partnered with Cubigo, a leading senior’s care technology firm, to provide faster ways of connecting with

What is Cubigo and what does it do?

Cubigo is an integrated community platform that connects residents, family members and employees within senior living communities.  Cubigo is a free app that seamlessly integrates sign-in, health screening, visitation, scheduling, contact tracing, communication and recreation access while providing real time information about what’s going on in our seniors living. Cubigo cubes include

News Feed
  • Single source for receiving updated, real-time information on lodge and Westwinds activities.

Information Cube & Resident Directory

  • Respond to the FAQs using the information cube to keep all documentation easily accessible. 
  • Residents can stay connected with each other through group and individual chats. Also an alternative way to connect with the General Manager.
Family Engagement
  • Streamline communication with families and friends, keeping them updated with the lodge community.
Visitor & Team Member Registration
  • Digital registration of friends, families, caregivers, volunteers,
  • Ability of visitors and residents to pre-book visitation advance or when visitors arrive at the lodge.

How do I and my Family/Friends get it?

Supportive Living Residents and their Designated Support Persons (DSPs) will receive a custom email invite which directs you to download the app.  You can also email your information (name, loved one’s name and location, email) to cadmin@westwindscommunities.ca.

How is my data protected?

All personal information collected through Cubigo is used for its stated purpose and will not be distributed or sold. Cubigo is in compliance with all applicable provincial and federal privacy legislation.