Organization Structure

Board of Directors  

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Westwinds Communities. Each Foothills Region municipality appoints one representative to the Board; three directors are from the public at large; and one is appointed from the local municipality with the largest requisition.

The Board of Directors steward the organization and provide oversight of the management in diverse ways, including participation in bi-monthly meetings and Board Committees, as well as representing the organization in the community.  

Municipal RepresentationDirector
Member at Large Ted Mills, Chairperson
Town of Turner Valley Barry Crane, Vice Chairperson
Town of High River Carol MacMillan
Town of Black Diamond Sharon Hart
Member At Large Marilyn Boake
Foothills Country Alan Alger
Member At Large Kathryn Robson
Town of Okotoks Ray Watrin
Village of Longview Kathie Wight
Member At Large Don Herring

Organizational Structure

Strategic Plan

The 2017- 2021 Strategic Plan for Westwinds Communities outlines long term objectives for the organization.

The Business Plan, based on the Strategic Plan, explores options to meet community need and provide educaiton.