About Us

We Care

We care about our people, our properties and the communities we call home.

Our History

Westwinds Communities, formerly known as the Foothills Foundation, is a not for profit organization that provides quality housing and supportive services for seniors, as well as subsidized housing and services for individuals and families.

We strive to provide housing options that ensure the safety, dignity and choices for more than 600 client households annually. Our organization works hard to provide housing for these individuals in rural and urban communities, especially where no other options may exist.

Since 1960, Westwinds Communities has been a provincially legislated housing management body responsible for providing supportive living and public housing programs within the Foothills Region. The rent supplement program extends outside the Foothills Region to also include Bragg Creek, the Counties of Vulcan, MD of Silver Willow, and towns of Nanton and Claresholm.

Westwinds Communities partners with individuals, municipalities and the Government of Alberta to provide safe, affordable housing opportunities and services. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe, high-quality affordable homes and services that strengthen our communities and enhance the well-being of the seniors, families and individuals who call them home.

Our Principles

Our volunteer Board of Directors, employees and volunteers provide housing and supports for over 600 households throughout Southern Alberta. We are focussed on meeting the need for safe and affordable supportive living and public housing programs within the Foothills Region.

At Westwinds, we care.

We care about our people, our properties and the communities we call home.

Our Values

  • Respect – we cultivate inclusive environments where every person is valued, personal choice is embraced, and independence is respected.
  • Accountability – we are accountable to our clients, stakeholders, employees, and communities. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every decision we make and how we manage our resources.
  • Service Excellence – we are professional in all that we do and work hard to exceed expectations. We take time to do the little things that brighten peoples’ days and are committed to improving the way community members live.
  • Safety – we are committed to the safety of our clients, employees, and stakeholders. We follow protocols and take responsibility for ourselves and those around us.
  • Innovation – we foster a culture of continuous improvement; developing creative solutions that deliver on our mission and meet the emerging needs of our communities.
  • Community – we strive to build and sustain community in the places where we live, work, and grow. We are mindful of how our decisions affect our families, friends, neighbours and the Foothills Region.

Focused on the Future

Using our strategic planning process, we identify evolving and future needs and work with community, Government and other partners to seek funding and other support for local seniors and affordable housing initiatives.

Our 2017-2021 Strategic Plan outlines our long-term objectives for Westwinds Communities.

The Business Plan details how we will meet our communities’ needs.