Near Market Housing FAQs

Q. What if I haven’t filed and an income tax return?
A. If you or your spouse have not filed a tax return you will not be eligible for the program.

Q. What is the maximum annual income to qualify for the program?
Income Limits

Community3 Bedroom Accommodation Only Available Option
Black Diamond$44,500
High River$50,000
Turner Valley$44,500

Q. What is I (we) become unemployed?
A. The focus of Westwinds Communities’ Near Market Housing Program is to provide housing to moderate income working families and individuals in the hope of providing the stepping stone needed to attain a better quality of life.  Should you become unemployed, it is incumbent on you the tenant to keep Westwinds Communities informed of any changes in employment. Notification of changes is to be submitted in writing and will be assessed/reviewed on an individual basis.

Q. Does Westwinds Communities look after yard maintenance and snow removal?
A. No – Westwinds Communities is not responsible for yard maintenance and/or snow removal. Proper care and maintenance of yards, driveways and sidewalks is an expectation outlined in the Rental Lease Agreement.

Q. How does Westwinds Communities determine which applicant gets what home?
A. All applications are what is referred to as “Needs Rated”. This is a point scoring system in which points are assessed depending on a number of indicators. These indicators include but are not limited to: gross household income; number of dependents; source(s) of income and current housing situation. Once these indicator points are awarded, they are totaled and the application with the highest “Needs Rating” will be offered housing first that is suitable for the household size and needs.

Q. What is considered to be an asset?
A. Assets are defined as stocks, bonds, term deposits, mutual funds, cash real estate equity and vehicles. Assets that are exempted from consideration include personal affects such as furniture, jewelry, vehicles, RESPs and RRSPs, and tools and equipment required for employment.